Introducing a new online Weaving for Beginners tutorial bundle of 29 mini videos (totalling over 70 minutes) plus 12 grid pattern samples.


Each video demonstrates one of the following techniques:


How to warp a loom - Low density

How to warp a loom - High density

How to warp a heddle bar

How to adjust the warp tension

Weaving with a heddle bar

Securing the base rows of your tapestry

Tabby weave

Basket weave x 2

Pick and Pick x 3

Interlocking weft



Adding Knots

Roving twist

Roving braid

Roving bubbles

Pile weave

Rya loops

Persian knot

Rya Knot

Finishing the top row x 2

Weaving in loose ends

Removing a tapestry from the loom

Attaching a tapestry to a dowel

How to wind a shuttle and bobbin


The Grid Pattern Samples provide a visual guide to support the following weaving techniques:



Basket x 2

Pick and Pick x 3


Diamond x 3 

Twill x 2


A perfect starter pack for those new to weaving to help support the basic components that will allow you to create your very own tapestry. 


Please note I do not demonstrate weaving a specific design start to finish, the tapestry shown is for illustration purposes only.    Actual project classes will be launched 2022 as an additional extra.



Weaving for Beginners - Online Tutorial Bundle