NEW BATCH of recycled Sari Silk ribbon sourced in India and hand dyed in small batches.

This is by far the best quality silk ribbon I have stocked!!

Sari silk is truly unique, with its non uniform colour creating texture and depth. This silk has a raw torn edge which can measures 1 cm when folded and upto 1" in width when completely unfolded. Please note the width can vary throughout as a result of the torn nature of the product.

This fibre is collected from industrial mills, with hand torn stripes being sewn end to end to make beautiful ribbons from what otherwise would had been textile waste.

Each skein is 100gs which is roughly 50 metres in length.

Suitable for weaving, macramé, floristry, gift wrapping, jewellery making and many more crafts alike.

Due to the hand dyed nature, colours may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Sari Silk Ribbon