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Weaving loom & accessories kit PLUS free access to my online video tutorial bundle.


A perfect starter kit for those new to weaving, this notched loom is made from beautiful beech wood and is both strong and sturdy. I've included a range of accessories that are must haves to support you on your weaving journey.


Kit contents :


Loom - 35cms (w) x 43cms (h) overall dimensions,  max warped area - 28cms (w) x 41cms (h)

Loom stand

Heddle bar

Shuttle x 2



Wooden needle x 2

Pack of metal tapestry needles



Note : The loom will be dispatched flat packed with full assembly instructions included (plus online).


This kit comes with free access to 29 tutorial videos plus 12 grid pattern samples. Following purchase of this kit you will receive a passcode that will grant access to the online bundle.


Each video demonstrates one of the following techniques:


How to warp a loom - Low density

How to warp a loom - High density

How to warp a heddle bar

How to adjust the warp tension

Weaving with a heddle bar

Securing the base rows of your tapestry

Tabby weave

Basket weave x 2

Pick and Pick x 3

Interlocking weft



Adding Knots

Roving twist

Roving braid

Roving bubbles

Pile weave

Rya loops

Persian knot

Rya Knot

Finishing the top row x 2

Weaving in loose ends

Removing a tapestry from the loom

Attaching a tapestry to a dowel

How to wind a shuttle and bobbin


The Grid Pattern Samples provide a visual guide to support the following weaving techniques:



Basket x 2

Pick and Pick x 3


Diamond x 3 

Twill x 2


A perfect starter pack for those new to weaving to help support the basic components that will allow you to create your very own tapestry. 


Please note I do not demonstrate weaving a specific design start to finish, the tapestry shown is for illustration purposes only.    Actual project classes will be launched 2022 as an additional extra.


UK and International shipping is available.










New Weaving Loom & Accessories Kit PLUS free Tutorial Access