100% soft (un mercerised) cotton sourced here in the UK.

Available in two thicknesses and in a variety of colours.
200g cone of 4ply cotton which is approximately 850 meters /930 yards.


-Cloud Grey



200g cone of DK cotton which is approximately 400 meters /440 yards, so plenty of warp for many weaving projects!


Cotton is my warp fibre of choice for many reasons. It's strong, durable and because there is very little stretch, movement in the form of expansion /shrinkage is minimal when your tapestry is removed from the loom.

I personally use a 4ply cotton for smaller tapestries and a DK cotton for larger pieces.


A truly versatile fibre that can be used within a tapestry as weft or fringing, or alternatively incorporated into macrame, knitting or other fibre based projects.

Soft Cotton Warp Thread