100% recycled cotton yarn.

1.6mm in thickness.

500g cone which is approximately 600 metres.

Colour : Natural


ECO is a yarn from post-consumer fabric that is recycled and converted back into sustainable yarn. A recycled yarn from the combination of locally produced recycled fabrics and organic, sustainable and top quality fibers that take care of the planet and so that the history of the yarn never ends.

The materials for the manufacture of this products are free of animal exploitation and are vegan.


I personally use this yarn for layering fringe detail in my own tapestries as It drapes beautifully due to its soft texture and slight sheen. I enjoy using a mix of fibres in my work to create both interest and depth.


This is such a versatile fibre that can be used for weft, warp, and macrame to name but a few.


1.5mm Recycled Cotton Yarn