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Where did you learn to weave?

From online tutorials available on sites such as YouTube, alongside general weaving manuals and text books.

Where do you purchase your looms?

All of my looms are custom made to my requirements, however there are a number of sellers on sites such as Etsy offering ready made looms and weaving kits.


Where do you source your materials?

From a mix of online sellers and independent local shops.  

What types of materials do you use within your weaving's?

A mix of 100% wool products alongside wool blends and synthetics. I also include merino wool roving, fabric and ribbon.

How do I place a custom order?

You can contact me via my webpage, Etsy shop or Instagram account @bybelladesigns. Let me know your requirements and we can discuss your order.​

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please see my policies page for further information on shipping.

Do you offer workshops?

I currently do not offer workshops.

Do you offer wholesale?

Each offer of wholesale is considered but not always accepted. 

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